NevoPay™: An Easier Way to Pay

NevoPay is the “easier way to pay” for everyday shopping, bill payments, and a smarter alternative to traditional bank accounts.

Smarter and more convenient than a traditional bank account, NevoPay is welcome at millions of merchants across the U.S. and the world. Many millions more locations accept NevoPay over ApplePay.  You get the convenience and assurance of our really smart plastic card, plus our mobile payment app compatible with most Android, Apple, or Windows phones and tablets.

No Ridiculous Fees.

We know it’s your money.  That’s why we don’t nickel and dime you into poverty or charge ridiculous fees for every little thing.

We charge a simple $1 monthly fee. That’s basically it.

Our simple fee includes free ATM access at over 60,000 locations in the U.S. Free deposits. Free check cashing. Free customer service. Free smart cards. Free extra cards for family members.  And more fee-free services.

Sure, we have limits, but we work hard to make NevoPay the easiest tool to manage your money without the surprise hidden charges or ridiculous fine print.

Skip the Trip to the Bank with Direct Deposit.

You can easily have your paycheck, even retirement and pension funds, automatically deposited and instantly available into your NevoPay account, always at no charge.

Write a check.

When you sign-up for direct deposit, we let you write a pre-approved personal check against your NevoPay account balances. To pay your rent. To pay those bills where MasterCard is not yet welcome. And yes, your personalized checks are free with direct deposit.

Friends and Family Cards.

You can add up to four additional cards to your NevoPay account – that’s five in total.  For your kids’ allowance. For your grandparents’ vacation.  A friend in need.  Even your housekeeper or chauffeur to cover household expenses.  You determine how much money they have available in their account. You can even schedule automatic weekly or monthly deposits into their cards. Add funds. Remove funds. Control ATM access.

Money Management Tools.

The NevoPay mobile app is a powerful money management tool. Manage your money anywhere or anytime with our mobile app. Download up to seven years of your transaction activity into your favorite accounting software, including Microsoft Excel, Quicken and QuickBooks.

It’s the power of the NevoPay.

More convenience. More buying power. More money management tools.

NevoPay is a money service of Nevo Financial LLC.